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Social Media Marketing Success is not Automatic
Sep 27, 2013 Published in the medium 2.0
Keywords: return on investment, ROI, social business, social marketing, social media marketing

Social media marketing is far from automatic. It is important to set clear goals and to have a plan in place before engaging. Todd Wasserman explains the experience of one small business owner,

“When you're running a business, it can be just one more job to do. It's also a task with an uncertain return on the investment of your time and money… Talk to Tanya Lotzof and you'll sense the frustration. After a month under the tutelage of a social media marketing consultant, Lotzof says she feels like she has little to show for the time and money she spent promoting her business on Facebook.”

These pitfalls can be avoided, but it is vital to enter into social media marketing with your eyes open to the costs, in terms of time and expense, and the possible benefits for your business.

By Ruben Kenig
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