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Local Social - The next big thing in social networking
Jul 10, 2010 Published in ideas
Trends for some time are clearly indicating that the next big thing in social media is “local social.” Many new developments can be seen which will enable "local social" to change the market dynamics and increase the value for the human networking.

Social media has been of great use in bringing together buddies from across the globe. It is a great mechanism to chat and keep connected. But few concrete or constructive results emerge unless you meet in person.

Knowledge is right round the corner  

Imagine if all your local activities such as working, playing, shopping and socializing are enhanced by being able to do them more productively and in association with people of common interest or knowledge? With social networking going local you can discover that the knowledge you seek to solve business and personal problems was right around the corner. And once you discover that you will be able to access such associations productively and enhance local productivity and business exchanges.

People are the power of "social networks", and it is people we connect with, both on-line as well as off line, who build real value around such networks. Off line is local where most of all things truly social in our life evolve around.

Local relevancy

Applications such as Brightkite, FoursquareGowala and Yelp are examples of finding places of interest. Apps like Checkin Mania allows you to see places of interest from all four services side-by-side. Checkin Mania is based on Google Maps. In  their site  you can enter a location and then see places of interest offered by all the above mentioned services.

Google, Apple and Facebook are aggressively pursuing the convergence of all things social, mobile and funneling them into "local" relevancy. Google rankings of  sites have so far been based on the relevance to a particular keyword or phrase. Now we notice that Google is giving more prominence to information that is relevant based on other factors, location.

As local is where most transactions and interactions take place, logically local is more relevant. With more and more opting for the local option, it is but natural that the Facebooks and Twitters of the world will some time or the other follow suit.
By Abhijit Banerjee
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