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Ruben Kenig
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Valuing Content as Part of Design
Dec 21, 2009  published in design
Keywords: branding, content, strategy, website
There is a tendency when planning a new website, or recreating an existing one, to compartmentalise things as much as possible. The focus often shifts to the design, seen in isolation, from the content that will fuel the site. This makes the process simpler and more comprehensible but also weakens the site if the resulting design and content do not coordinate. One of the ways this can happen is the design of a site is outsourced and placed into the hands of “experts”. It is easy to place...
By Ruben Kenig
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Is Business Compatible With Social Media?
Dec 17, 2009  published in the medium 2.0
Keywords: business, ROI, sales, social media
There is a prevailing idea that social media demands to be used in a particular manner. Social media purists argue that the integrity of the connections in an online social space must be preserved, businesses can participate but they must only, “participate in the conversation” and “talk with us not to us”. For the purist these media are for individuals to engage with other individuals. There is even an idea that commerce will somehow defile the space. Yet, according to the Cone, Busines...
By Ruben Kenig
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