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Gaurav Pahwa
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Growth and trends in Indian online retail market
Feb 26, 2013  published in content, technology
After a year of technological advances, most notably the emergence and rapid adoption of smartphone and tablet technology, the shopper-seller relationship has changed dramatically. The Indian retail sector is now shifting from the brick-and-mortar model (physical retailing) to click-and-mortar model (online retailing) with the rapid adoption of internet by the mainstream population. What started as a fad seems to have become a necessity – the number of people browsing and shopping online ha...
By Gaurav Pahwa
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Major SEO Trends to follow in 2013
Feb 22, 2013  published in content, technology
Year 2012 was very turbulent for SEO marketers. Some called it as death knell for SEO and some taking it as highly taxing for website owners. Google panda storm hit almost every known site in the working arena like a snowstorm and shaking them out of traffic and rankings. Google domain update badly shaken the domain-booking registrars due to punishment to domains exclusively purchased for business keywords SEO results. The practice of search engine optimization (SEO) has passed through a co...
By Gaurav Pahwa
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