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The Wonder Concept Called Sixth Sense Technology
Dec 08, 2011 Published in technology
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With the technological progression, many things have come up making things easier for mankind. The relationship between computers and information is affected to a large extent with the help of interfaces of different kinds. Here, let’s have a look at a kind of gestural interface, which is known as sixth sense technology. This is a technology that has been created by Pranav Mistry, who is a student of PhD in the Group of Fluid Interfaces at MIT Media Lab. The main function of this technological wonder is to greatly augment the physical world loaded with digital information, and help mankind use natural gestures to utilize and communicate with that particular information.

Making Use of the Senses:

Everyone is aware of the five basic senses. However, in addition to these basic senses of mankind, there is one more sense, as well, and this is referred to as the sixth sense. This is the name of a technological wonder, which is very much related to the physical senses by means of which perception of something beyond the five senses is possible. In fact, the invention of this technology is expected to change the entire perception of the world. The device perceives what human eyes in general perceive, but in addition to that, it provides information in relation to the viewing object. In fact, the device has been designed in such a manner, so that it can easily project information on any surface.

The Concept and the Construction:

The concept of this device is quite similar to that of a Telepointer, which is a kind of camera system. The Sixth Sense technology consists of a projector, a mirror, and a very small camera with a wearable device. The camera and the projector have been designed in such a manner, so that they can easily be connected to a mobile device. The main function of the projector is to use the walls and other physical objects as interface and project visual information.

On the other hand, it is the task of the camera to recognize and track the gestures of the users with the help of different techniques that are largely based on computer vision. There is special software program, and the main function of the program is to video stream the captured data by the camera and consequently tracks the location of the markers, which are right at the tip of the fingers. These arrangements are completely interpreted, and consequently, they are made to work as interactive instructions for the application interfaces.

The Entire World Becomes A Computer:

The Sixth Sense Technology enables us to receive information on any object against any surface. With the help of the information delivered from this technology, it becomes possible for the entire world to become a computer. The device helps us to get closer to reality, and consequently, it also assists us in taking the right decision.

Wide Varieties of Applications:

The greatest benefit of this device is the availability of wide varieties of applications in it.

  • Mapping can easily be done from any location. The features of zooming in and zooming out make the entire task of mapping easier.
  • Since it is portable, it can easily be carried.
  • There is a drawing application in the device, and this application helps the user to draw on any kind of surface.
  • The user can also read newspaper with the help of this device. This enables the readers to view videos along with reading the newspaper. Live sports updates are also available with the help of this device.
  • Book lovers can also easily grab on any book and Amazon ratings on these books are also available.

The device recognizes wide varieties of gestures. It can easily interact with different everyday objects. It can always be expected that this technology has a bright future because it might bring about a change in the way we look at the world. It can really create a magic. For instance, if you need to make a call, you can just extend your hands into the projector, and the numbers will instantly appear before you to click. Even if, you want to know time, you can draw a circle on your wrist.

It can also connect the real world with the internet, which is certainly a novel application, and can thus, be a great source of information for the world itself. Therefore, it can always be claimed that this device has a long way to go in the near future.

Thus, in short, you can easily understand that it is an amazing device invented by the talented man of Indian origin. It largely serves the purpose of a computer, while at the same time, helps in saving time looking up for information. The sixth sense technology costs about $350, and the main cost is associated with micro-projector. More works are yet to be done on the prototype, before it is finally released in the market. You want to have a glimpse of the wondrous technology? Then keep your eyes on the mystifying demo performed by Mistry himself at,

By Namrata Naha
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3 comment(s)
Nitin Srivastava wrote at 11:40:41 PM on Jun 15, 2012
His Sixth Sense technology is just awesome . Through it , we are able to interact physical world to digital world.
siva wrote at 01:15:49 PM on Oct 25, 2012
itisveryuse ful for the world.i realylike this.
Prankesh koche wrote at 05:24:01 PM on Aug 15, 2013
It's so osam...this is really glimpse wondrous.
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