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Why corporate India should embrace employee use of social networks
Mar 17, 2010  published in the medium 2.0
Keywords: business, corporate, marketing, policy, social media, social networking
Corporate India seems to be struggling to come to terms with its employee's use of social media. A press release from The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) gives a clear statement on the issue. They view the use of social media during working hours as a significant threat to productivity claiming that the average corporate employee is working 7 hours a day rather than 8 because of Internet use. In a blogpost on the ASSOCHAM press release India Insights refutes...
By Ruben Kenig
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India in the ‘Social Networking’ Scene
Feb 18, 2010  published in content
Keywords: Facebook, India, Indian IT act, Jonathan Schwartz, Mumbai, public domain, Shashi Tharoor, Social Networking, Sun’s CEO, tweet, Twitter
Social networking sites in India seem to be gathering more storm as they become more active than ever before and part and parcel of the ‘social’ Indian’s lifestyle. A semblance of ‘cult’ impact is being witnessed as Indians begin to conform to unconventional, untraditional methods of social networking. When Sun’s CEO, Jonathan Schwartz, recently tweeted his resignation on February 3, it created a furore, the world sat up and noticed. Imagine a scenario such as this in India, when on an early ...
By Shobha Sivakumar
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What's all this hype on Social Networking about?
Jul 02, 2009  published in the medium 2.0
Keywords: Social Media, Social Networking, Web 2.0
The Buzz ‘Social Networking’ is the current buzzword ruling the world of online content. “Web 2.0” network (social networking, grassroots media, consumer-generated content, online community building, etc.) has helped transform the relationship between the customers and brandowners. Did you know that E-mailers, advertising and word-of-mouth around an online survey conducted by in January 2009 resulted in a total of 590 started surveys; a response count of 363; and 267 ...
By Shobha Sivakumar
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Is Technology Changing the Gentleman’s Game?
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Growth and trends in Indian online retail market
Devid007 akelaDec 05, 2016
Vernacular sites can drive social networking in India
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Online Branding, Presenting your company on the web
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