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Online Branding, Presenting your company on the web
Sep 25, 2013 Published in design
Keywords: branding, business, design, identity, process, web design

Presenting your company online poses some tricky questions. Every choice you make reflects on your company from the colour of the background to the size of your logo. Usually, we find it easier to kick start a typical online branding project engagement by asking the client which websites do they admire the most. Who do you want to look like? What is the best site in your field of work? What about competitive websites? Online branding is often consumed by the idea of visual creative concepts and even the best meaning professionals stop short of thinking through a good content development plan. Looking past pretty pictures and focusing on communication on the website is a crucial step in a successful online branding exercise.

Online branding also presents some very different challenges to offline corporate identity. It is more fluid and flexible particularly with the rise in importance of social sharing. Through this wide engagement comes an opportunity to engage effectively with many people. Although social media marketing has become the toast of the new generation marketing techniques, it is also unpredictable and disruptive in its candid feedback and dialogue from customers and audiences

This is why we have found that it really pays to get to know about our clients so that we can help them create an online presence that reflects who they are accurately and helps them reach the people they need get through to.

Online Branding: Presenting your company on the web

By Ruben Kenig
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SQIAR wrote at 04:41:04 PM on Mar 19, 2016
Thanks for the detailed description, well I simply want to offer you a huge thumbs up for your great information.
Tableau Guru
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