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Social shopping - Greater testimonial than all paid advertising put together
Jan 23, 2010  published in ideas
Keywords: shopping, social, social e-commerce, social shopping, web 2.0
The social explosion of Web 2.0 has given a major boost to the world's favorite activity  - shopping -  in the form of social shopping. Social shopping, which combines,  social media and e-commerce,  takes all the key aspects of the social web -- friends, groups, voting, comments, discussions -- and focuses them around shopping.   Wisdom of the crowds   Social shopping is based on the wisdom of the crowds. Users communicate their shopping experiences, including prices, deals and s...
By Abhijit Banerjee
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Top 14 Social Networking Sites (Alexa and Quantcast)
Jan 23, 2010  published in the medium 2.0
1 | 93,300,000 - Quantcast Monthly Visitors | 4 - Alexa Ranking.   2 | MySpace 61,300,000 - Quantcast Monthly Visitors | 11 - Alexa Ranking.   3 | Twitter 28,000,000 - Quantcast Monthly Visitors | 13 - Alexa Ranking.   4 | 11,800,000 - Quantcast Monthly Visitors | 113 - Alexa Ranking.   5 |  5,400,000 - Quantcast Monthly Visitors | 138 - Alexa Ranking.   6 | - 4,100,000 - Quantcast Monthly Visitors | 20 - Alexa Ranking. ...
By Abhijit Banerjee
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Valuing Content as Part of Design
Dec 21, 2009  published in design
Keywords: branding, content, strategy, website
There is a tendency when planning a new website, or recreating an existing one, to compartmentalise things as much as possible. The focus often shifts to the design, seen in isolation, from the content that will fuel the site. This makes the process simpler and more comprehensible but also weakens the site if the resulting design and content do not coordinate. One of the ways this can happen is the design of a site is outsourced and placed into the hands of “experts”. It is easy to place...
By Ruben Kenig
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Minimise your website’s bounce rate for improved results
Dragisa GligorijevicJun 13, 2018
I agree with you Gaurav - landing pages which are not designed well could easily make your visitors go away as soon as they arrive. Webmasters should work on their optimization but also make sure to provide valuable content for their readers.
Is Technology Changing the Gentleman’s Game?
mahalyasreeAug 05, 2017
Excellent and very cool idea and the subject at the top of magnificence and I am happy to this post..Interesting post! Thanks for writing it. What's wrong with this kind of post exactly? It follows your previous guideline for post length as well a...
Growth and trends in Indian online retail market
Devid007 akelaDec 05, 2016
Vernacular sites can drive social networking in India
Next Best SolutionsMar 28, 2016
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